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Stellar J completed this project while keeping the plant operational via extensive planning, sequencing, and coordination with plant operations.

Modifications included:

  • Deep sequenced excavation using soil nails to stabilize near vertical slopes.
  • Primary Clarifier No.4 with primary sludge piping and scum removal systems
  • 42” Primary effluent line and RAS Mixing box.
  • Primary Effluent Sampling system.
  • Aeration Basin 6 and modifications to existing Aeration Basin 5
  • Secondary Clarifier No.4
  • Installation of RAS Pumps
  • Installation of UV system
  • Installation of digester heating system including new boiler, heat exchanger, pumps and hot water expansion tank
  • Waste Gas Burner.
  • Large diameter yard piping and interconnections between all new structures.
  • Odor Control system.
  • 90’ Truck Scale installed.
  • Roadway paving and parking lot installation.

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