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McMinnville, OR


The WORK of this Contract comprises of removing the existing 42” X 42” sluice gate and installing a new cast iron 42” X 42” sluice gate, which will be furnished by the OWNER. The Contractor shall furnish and provide all labor, and materials to remove the existing sluice gate (20 + years old) and installing a new sluice gate (provided by the Owner) in its place to produce a complete and fully functional gate installation in accordance with all manufactures’ requirements and as specified herein. The Contractor will be fully responsible for the development and implementation of a site access plan describing the Contractors method to safely access the sluice gate location at the bottom of Haskins Reservoir and dewater/divert the flows at the bottom of Haskins Reservoir from nearby tributaries and precipitation. Additional work includes fabrication, determining new bolt pattern for new gate, protect watershed from contaminates, restoration, and all incidental and related work.

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