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Various (Biggs, OR to Willowdale, OR)


Stellar J completed this three year project in eastern Oregon.  The project included work on 7 distinct bridges, spanning over 75 miles on US97 from Biggs, OR to the Trout Creek Bridge in Sherman County.  The complete removal and replacement of the four lane bridge just south of the Biggs Jct. Interchange and complete removal and replacement of the two lane bridge in Sherman County.  Each removal and replacement required sequenced removal and reconstruction to allow for metered 24 hour vehicle access in both directions during construction.   The other 5 bridges required significant seismic retrofit work, including new 8’ diameter concrete piles and bents, new pile caps, and significant shoring work to expose and enlarge existing concrete pier and pile footings.  The shoring work associated with exposing the pile footings was extremely technical and difficult.  Stellar J was successful in completing the creek bypass, dewatering of the work area, and shoring of the existing slopes during a tight earthwork window driven by strict in water work permit constraints.

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