FHWA – Columbia River Viaduct and Bridge


Leif Schei


Cascade Locks, OR


The work consists of 2 viaducts and a bridge; mechanically stabilized welded wire walls, bin walls, and tie-back walls; rock fall protection fencing, netting, and rock bolting; controlled blasting and grading; aggregate base and paving; drainage improvements; parking lot, restroom and kiosk; stone masonry, exposed aggregate sidewalk, and decorative steel and cable railings; waterline; guardrail, signing and striping; and I-84 traffic control and cross-over installation and other small items of work. The project includes construction of three structures: 1) the Summit Creek Viaduct – a 6 span, 500 -foot long pre-stressed concrete box beam bridge with cast-in-place concrete deck; 2) the Gordon Creek Bridge – a single span, 80-foot long pre-stressed concrete slab bridge with asphalt overlay; and 3) the Lindsey Cut Bridge – a single span, 49-foot long pre-stressed concrete slab bridge with cast-in-place concrete deck.