Digester Gas Conveyance Sys Mods – Durham


Leif Schei


Tigard, OR


Complete the work as specified or indicated in Owner’s Contract Documents for the Project. The Project consists of furnishing all labor, materials and equipment necessary to:
1. Install Owner-provided control valve and actuator to the digester gas piping at the Waste Gas Burner -2 (WGB-2). Includes all pipe modifications, valves, power, and control wiring
2. Install one new UPS system in the existing MCC space. Complete all wiring as shown.
3. Relocate existing flare control panel. Interrupt existing underground conduits, install new conduits and conductors. Terminate as shown.
4. Install new underground gas piping between the gas service and connection on the flare pad for pilot assembly.
5. Cut, extend, and modify existing concrete pad at waste gas burner flare. Furnish and install bollards as shown.
6. Disconnect, relocate, and re-connect all control wiring as shown to complete installation of new piping.
7. Coordinate the start-up and testing of the new bypass flow control valve with Owner (collectively, Work).