Water and wastewater treatment projects are uniquely complex, consisting of thousands of pieces and specialized equipment customized to each project.

It demands mastery where design concept intersects with real world experience.  It requires a team skilled in coordinating the timing and application of thousands of pages of submittals, drawings, and operating instructions.

These projects often take place over, around and straight through an operating plant.  A plant whose operations cannot be compromised during thousands of construction man-hours.  A plant whose upgrades must be completed within a fixed timeline.

Stellar J has been building water and wastewater treatment plants every day since 1998 without a single service interruption.

With more than 30 years of experience in building primary infrastructure for public agencies, we bring our expertise to a wide scope of projects, including:

  • Marina Construction
  • Bridges and Structures
  • Municipal Landfill Construction
  • State and Regional Projects
  • Potable Water Facilities
  • Water/ Waste Water
  • Complex Wastewater treatment plants
  • Green Projects